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Power of God Ministries

Sermon Messages

Title / Date / Speaker

1. Bread of Life January 6, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
2. Year of new Beginnings January 13, 2008 Pastor Michael stone
3. The Need for Light January 20, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
4. Without Faith… (bible Study) January 23, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
5. Persistent February 3, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
6. Family and Friends Day February 10, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
7. The Power in our Words February 17, 2008, Pastor Michael Stone
8. Laying Hands (bible Study) February 20, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
9. Mustard Seed Faith March 2, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
10. Drag Net (bible Study) March 26, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
11. More Than A Conqueror March 16, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
12. The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant March 30, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
13. The Ten Virgins April 6, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
14. The Sower, Seed, and Ground (Soil) April 13, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
15. Mother’s Day Sermon May 11, 2008 Sister Perkins
16. A Picture is Worth… (bible study) May 21, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
17. Watch for the Son of Man… May 25, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
18. Seek the Kingdom of God (bible Study)May 28, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
19. Hope Faith Believeth (bible study) July 16, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
20. Faith For Everyday Living July 20, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
21. Still in God’s Unchanging Hand (bible Study)July 23, 2008 Minister Harold Perry
22. Is My Living in Vain August 17, 2008 Sister Sharon Stone
23. Faith Isn’t meant to Waiver (bible study) August 20, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
24. Getting Rid of Doubt August 24, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
25. “Youth Day Sermon” August 31, 2008 Minister LaMarcus Keels
26. Faith Brings Relationships with God September 7, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
27. Spiritual Battles for your Faith September 14, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
28. Debt Cancellation Service September 21, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
29. Making that Important Phone Call September 28, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
30. Spiritual Warfare (bible study) September 10, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
31. Season of Breakthrough October 7, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone
32. Bible Study October 5, 2008 Minister Harold Perry
33. The Spoken Word October 12, 2008 Pastor Michael Stone

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* New Covenant Christian Church, DOC

Pastor: Dr. Arnold E. Lakes Sr. & Co Pastor: Min. Angelete L. Lakes

* LA Dream Center

Pastor Matthew Barnett

* Harris Memorial Church of God in Christ

Pastor Eric C. Bogan & First Lady Karleen Bogan

* Venee Outreach Ministries

Steve & Nichol Eskridge

* Venee Ministries

* Street Praise

* Restoration Bethel Ministries

Pastor David Rogers & First Lady Lavern Rogers

* Kermetta L. Folmar Ministries

Prophetess Folmar

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Power of God Ministries - Special Events

Special Events

• Prophetic Conference
• Prayer Breakfast

• Easter Hunt / Giveaway & Program
• Pastor’s & Wife Anniversary

• Global Street Ministries

• POGM Musical Dept. Fall Concert

• Church Anniversary

• Thanksgiving Food-Giveaway

• Bicycle & Toy Give-Away
• Community Adult Christmas Give-Away
• Annual Business Meeting
• New Years Eve Celebration

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Automotive News

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POGM Youth / Young Adult Ministry

POGM Youth / Young Adult Ministry

A balanced, effective and active church youth ministry can change the life of a young person. But it is impossible for one person. An alternative to the all too common lone ranger youth minister is a team approach. Our adult leaders take part in a team ministry with youth. Each of several teams creates a support group that is committed to the same tasks and as we share in Christ's ministry no individual is overwhelmed.

This approach puts into action the church's belief in the importance of youth ministry by involving both adults and youth in the life of the congregation. Being involved with youth says more to them than any spoken word: God and the church (via a real person) care about them. Youth benefit from relating and serving with a variety of adults with diverse gifts and personalities. The participation of adults in youth ministry helps youth feel more a part of the whole church--the family of faith.

Our vision for Power of God Ministries rests upon a biblical framework. We seek to bring young people and adults together as a community of God's people where:

  • Jesus Christ is the central focus in celebrating the Word (Colossians 3:16-17)
  • Youth develop important relationships with their peers and adults (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)
  • Young people grow in faith, their personal relationship with Christ and who they are as God's people (Ephesians 3:16-19)
  • Youth can ask hard questions and find answers about faith and life (2 Timothy 3:14-17, Matthew 7:7)
  • Confession, forgiveness and unconditional love are the hallmarks of Christian community (Ephesians 4:32)
  • Young people join in worship, nurture, service, outreach and fellowship activities (1 Timothy 4:12, Acts 2:42-47)
  • Young people know that they are accepted (Romans 15:5-7)
  • Young people are able to serve in meaningful ways in the church and in the world (2 Corinthians 9:12)
  • Youth can use their gifts to the glory of God (1 Peter 4:10, Romans 12:4-8)

As a ministry of POGM our youth and young adult ministries seek to not only teach them about a relationship with God, but also how to live that out. Our gathering times and experiences are geared to help give them a unique perspective on practicing their faith.

Our Youth and Young Adult Ministries provide several opportunities for involvement for youth in grades K-12 as well as those under the age of 22. Young persons from all walks of faith are welcomed to come and join us as we hope you will find our community welcoming and nurturing to your spiritual formation. The Youth and Young Adults meet in the Youth Lounge in the lower level.

Weekly Activities

Sunday School- Sunday school for all our youth classes is held every Sunday morning from 10:00am-10:50am in the lower level. There are individual classes for all grade levels:

· Nursery

· “Pure Oxygen” - Pre-school – ages 3yrs – K

· “High Voltage Kids” – grades 2nd – 5th

· ‘Emerging Generation” – Juniors – 6th – 8th

· “Lifestyles” - High School – 9th – 12th

· “Unstoppable” – Young Adults – up to 22yrs of age

POGM “Fuel” Choir - Youth choir meets every Friday night from 6-7pm and sings on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

POGM “Xtreme” Choir – Youth choir K through 8th grade. Meets every 5th Saturday and sings every 5th Sunday.

Student Ministry Teams – S.M.T. meets 7 - 9:00pm every Friday evening. This is our regular Friday evening gathering for youth during which they meet for fellowship, concerns, devotions, prayers, lessons, games, activities and snacks.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

POGM - “ACT-One” - Theater Ministry

POGM - “ACT-One” - Theater Ministry


is a ministry with a mission and a people with a purpose. Our mission is to provide the highest level of artistic instruction and performance in an atmosphere of Christian integrity and excellence and to bring wholesome, family entertainment to our community and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to train people in dance, drama and related areas as a means of discovering and releasing the gifts and talents God has given them and in a way that glorifies Him.

This process builds relationships among those that participate and encourages their relationship with the Lord. POGM “ACT One” is founded on the Lord Jesus and we express our focus on Him through a program that builds compassion, cooperation, commitment and character in our participants. We have been blessed to bring many plays to our community over the year’s and we thank God for our families and staff who love the Lord and who have a heart for theater and missions.

Our wonderful staff is comprised of many un-paid volunteers and underpaid instructors who simply love God, love people and love theater. We want to produce the best quality plays within our means, yet still have fun and fellowship. Strong dramatic presentations are a revealing test to all who call themselves Christians, especially when the presentations occur in a church theater. They test whether we, as Christians, really believe what we say we believe. The church is only ready for drama, when it can open itself to the implications of dramatic revelation; when the congregation can accept the world of the imagination and can risk being excited, risk being frightened, risk being changed. Such risk is near the very heart of the Christian message.

POGM “ACT One” Member Guidelines

Every member is a volunteer, participating because they truly want to be here.

Every member will be regular in attendance and dependable.

Every member is a team player, not in it for personal fame.

Every member will help obtain and contribute available resources.

Theatre must be in your blood.

Every city desperately needs a theater that can afford to see devotion to truth as its controlling force.

For more information contact: Theater Director/Coordinator Ramona Jones at r.jones26@sbcglobal.net or 810-785-7077.

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Four Stages of Spiritual Development

Four Stages of Spiritual Development:

Born-again stage:

the new birth, new life - eternal life from above.
John 1 :l2 - Child of God, God is now the Father of our spirits.
Phil.2:12-13 - Salvation is not just a destination change, going to heaven instead of going to hell, but a change in lifestyle. We were in union with Satan, but now we are children of God, joint-heirs with Jesus, and we are to act accordingly.
l John 2:3-6 ; John 14:21 - Daily obedience to His word is the evidence of a new birth, a process of being sanctified.
To obey is to really hear and to really listen, to see and to understand what I listened to, and to act upon what I heard on the basis of a changed attitude and resultant deeds which gives glory to God.

Spiritual stage:

is knowing the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and being fully empowered to live the Christian life.
Lu.11:13 - Simply ask and receive.
Lu.24:48-49 - Receive power from on high.
Acts 1:8 - When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, then you will receive power to be His witnesses, i.e. a salt and light lifestyle.
1 Cor.6:17 - One spirit with Him, you are a co-worker.

Pathway of the cross stage:

is a daily exercise of getting down into the death of Christ so that Christ can live out His life through us.
Rom.6:3-6 - Old nature buried, no longer slaves of sin. As we put-off daily sins, we arise immediately in the newness of life in Christ and respond biblically to all of life's encounters, being a blessing to all we meet.
Eph.4:22-24 - We must do the doing, putting-off corruptions, renewing ourselves in the spirit of our minds, and putting-on truth in all areas of living. Daily, we have our Calvary, our resurrection, and our ascension.
Lu.9:23-24 - No longer defend or protect self, but practice death to private aims, selfish passions and prejudices, to worldly reputation and honor.
Phil.2:3-5 - As with Jesus, now I am to seek the interests and betterment of others. I am no longer central but to use self to be a blessing to others.

Ascension/over-comer/spiritual warfare stage:

where the believer realizes and knows he is in union with Christ.
Eph.1:17-23 - We are seated with Him, "Far above all authority..."
Lu.10:19 - Given all authority over the power of the enemy.
Rom.8:29 ; l John 3:8 - God created us to be conformed to the image of His Son, and as such, to do as He did, to destroy the works of the devil.
Col.2:13-15 - Our problem is not with satan, he has been defeated. The issue is our relationship with God, knowing who and what we are in Christ Jesus, and, therefore, keeping the enemy from having any footholds in my life by being free in the following areas: (See James 4:6-8 )


- Gal.3:13-14 -Realize and know that the Blood of Jesus
has freed me from all generation curses (Exe.18:20).
Circumstances of life- Matt.16:24-25 ; Col.1:10-11 .No longer react
to or controlled by the externals of life, by personal attacks, by
pressures of the world, by trials and tribulations, but respond by
and according to the promptings and power of the Holy Spirit
( James 1:2-4 ).


- l John 2:15 ; 2 Pet.1:4 -Partaker of the divine life
and nature, and have escaped from the world's system of
lusts. The devil has nothing on me, and I am now in the position
to overcome him in all areas of life, and setting others free,
in the name of Jesus Christ.

The characteristics of an over-comer:

Eph.3:9-10 -Proclaims God's wisdom to the enemy for this is a battle of wisdom.
Phil.1:11 -Do all to the honor and praise of God that His glory may be both manifested and recognized.
Prov.24:10 -Nothing can ever limit or defeat us in Christ, we proceed until victory prevails.
Prov.21:22 -No compromises, we ascend, we assault, and cast down all opposition.
Lu.11-20 -23; l John 4:4 ; Isa.9:6 -We move from strength to strength for there is no end to God's kingdom. We are commissioned to establish His Kingdom of peace and joy on earth.

Therefore, being an over-comer we accomplish God's purposes for our lives by being conformed to the image of His Son, and destroying the works of the devil.

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Global Outreach Ministry

Power of God Ministries - Global Outreach Ministry

First Words From Pastor Stone

Welcome to our online ministry, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Pastor Michael Stone

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